S02 Facility


The Client

Calabrian is a leading supplier of sulfur dioxide and related derivatives used in wastewater treatment and other applications. The Company manufactures sulfur dioxide and downstream derivatives such as sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite and sodium thiosulfate.  Its products are used in a broad range of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications to achieve compliance with federal and local water regulations, as well as other specialty applications in personal care, pulp and paper processing, food preservation, oilfield production and disinfection. 


The Project

S02 Clean Production Facility (Sulphur Dioxide Production Facility)
  • Design, supply and installation of (2) Pre-Engineered Buildings
Earthworks and Concrete
  • Excavation, backfilling & compaction below and around all foundation types
  • “Process” and “Utilities” foundations & slabs
  • Sulphur rail load-out area foundations
  • Truck weigh scale foundations
Track Grading
  • Construct railroad roadway such that a track construction contractor can construct track, turnouts, and place ballast on a prepared grade. Includes restoration of road and right of way.
New Office Building
  • Design, supply and installation of New Office Building