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Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world and we at Secord Construction are one of the most knowledgeable concrete working companies in the North. We have experience in all aspects of concrete so you can trust that we will make your project a success.

Secord Construction prides itself on its expertise by specializing in all types of concrete work for commercial and industrial formwork and flatwork with all types of forming systems.  Secord Construction has developed their own steel bracket design for forming floating slabs.

What You Need To Know

We take care of the details for you, but in case you are looking for more information, here is some more.  Do not hesitate to contact us below for even more information regarding your next project.

  • The Water-Cement Ratio of a concrete mixture is critical to its overall quality.  Generally, a lower water-cement ratio allows for increased compressive and flexural strength, a better bond between the concrete and reinforcing steel, reduced shrinkage cracking, lower permeability, and a better resistance to wear and weather.  In other words, the less water the better.
  • Once concrete is poured and finished, curing occurs. Curing concrete is the process of stopping freshly poured concrete from drying out too quickly by maintaining moisture levels and temperature. The longer the curing or hydration time, the stronger the concrete. This should range between 3 to 14 days depending on the specific application. A curing compound can be applied. This compound acts as a blanket and forms a thin membrane over the concrete which prevents water from evaporating quickly.
  • Formwork is the name for the molds used to create walls, columns, slabs, staircases and other concrete structures.

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