With an architect on staff we are able to plan and design a workplace environment that meets building codes and suits your company needs for function and mobility.

Secord Construction prides itself on its expertise by specializing in all types of concrete work for commercial and industrial formwork and flatwork with all types of forming systems.

We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for mills, crushers and architectural buildings. Once we have completed the structural and foundation work on projects we move to put the finishing touches on inside and out for driveways, backfilling, preparation for landscaping and more.

We engineer interior and exterior wood and metal frames to ensure structural stability and functionality for new construction projects or to enhance and rehabilitate existing structures.

Robertson Buildings offer cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of small and large building projects. Using the strength of steel building components offer the highest quality in the industry, and at the same time provide the flexibility to incorporate into traditional and modern architectural finishes.